Swedish Lessons news, Swedish Lessons event!

…Well, time is a monster that moves differently depending on who is holding its leash, and to me, it seems like we’ve walked to Antarctica and back since Swedish Lessons came into being. Perhaps that’s why, when I suddenly have a day full of book news, it feels like a delightful and startling event. Today, it’s all that times two.

First, I’m absolutely giddy to share that Swedish Lessons was among the 19 books honored in the First Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards. Of more than 500 entries, Swedish Lessons was one of four Honorable Mentions in the Nonfiction category. If you’ll notice, my name is first after the 1st and 2nd place lines, which could be because they’re in alphabetical order, but WHO KNOWS?!

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MISSING: 8 Books, Inventory Management Skills

This tweet passed through my Twitter feed this morning:

The Importance of Being (Slightly) Arrogant — It Makes You a Better Writer http://t.co/KfhFeJ8gwM Guest column via @donnagambale
— Writer’s Digest (@WritersDigest) November 18, 2013

I read it, and my first thought was, “Yup. That sounds about right.” Far be it from me, a writer, to pile on to the stereotype of the arrogant writer, but let’s be honest. None of us writers would be writers if we didn’t feel like the insides of our brains were so interesting that everyone would benefit if we transcribed our thoughts and then charged people money to view them. So…right. I wouldn’t say I, or most writers, suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

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Real Connections, Better Connections

Don’t you hate talking about networking? Oh my gosh, tell me an event is about networking, either overtly or indirectly, and I just don’t wanna. Don’t. Wanna. I get the importance of schmoozing and meeting people and building a network; we all need to make a living, and we all need to buy things from one another. I also genuinely enjoy being social and meeting people. But the idea of waltzing into an event where I am meant to sell myself to people and be sold on others is so unappealing. Ugh.

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