Indie authors, marketing and the art of trying whatever

When you’re in a centuries-old trade that has been completely turned on its head, there are no rules by which to be guided, nor to be bound. People have been writing and selling books for a super long time, but the indie author/POD/online marketing approach is brand spanking new. It’s an interesting challenge, because some of the tools you need have been around forever, but are entrenched in the old way of doing things, and others are simply so new, there’s just no way of knowing what the best ones are.

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One rock, two stones: Financing and marketing via crowdfunding

When I decided to self-publish my book, my first big, scary concern was how I would market it. How do people decide what to read? If you’re me, your mom casually mentions a new book that you absolutely must read two to three times a week. So then you always know what to read without ever really having to try. Unless I can talk my mom into spreading those phone calls out to include a few hundred thousand other people, I have some research to do.

Setting that completely daunting problem aside, I sat down to make a self-publishing budget. Before I even got to the wild guesstimating that would have been my marketing costs, I was up to a number that made my stomach drop. Self-publishing may have many perks, but being cheap is not one of them.

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