Refocusing on the Next Big Thing…whatever that is

In a “regular job,” projects come and projects go, but the job is always there. Most people realize that this is not so for the self-employed. We could try to pay ourselves a regular wage, but eventually a fight will break out between our ideal salary and the bottom of our bank account. The irregularity […]

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The Residual Benefits of Getting Away

Last week I did something truly delightful: I went on a four-day writing retreat. It sounds so luxurious, doesn’t it? Before you get too carried away imagining a long weekend of spa treatments sandwiched between spurts of blogging, do note that it was definitely a working trip. I worked on my book proposal from the […]

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Saying “I’m done.”

I was interviewing someone for a story today who is running a local online publication in a relatively small town. His “new economy” job in a very traditional community was the angle, so I was asking him about the benefits of working from home and setting his own schedule. Of course, I could have answered this questions myself, but we weren’t interviewing me about my new economy job.

“The best thing is,” he said, “is that while sometimes I put in long days, sometimes I put in short ones. I mean seriously, if I’m still working after 1:30 on Friday, something has gone wrong.

“It’s so great to just close my computer and say, ‘I’m done.'”

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Adventures in Competitive Titles

At several points during my research on writing a book proposal my reaction to a new bit of information has been, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” One of these is the “Marketing” section, in which I must describe how I will actively market my book and what marketing opportunities are already available for […]

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Would you like to read a book about my book?

I wrote a book. Though the information in this sentence isn’t necessarily news to many people, it’s the tense that recently changed. I wrote a book. Done. Did that. After three years, two moves, three jobs, finishing grad school, falling in love, getting engaged and 102,615 words, I hit save on a full draft of my book, Swedish Lessons, just over a month ago.

It felt amazing. There was rejoicing, celebratory dining, glass clinking and the like. Sure there would still be editing to do, sure I’d still need to figure out how to publish it, but the writing part was finally done.

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