Getting to Be the Anti-Naysayer

For the second time in the last year, Mike and I had the opportunity to do a tag team guest lecture at Western Michigan University on entrepreneurship in the arts. It’s such a fun thing to do, as we often get so consumed with the day-to-day drone of our jobs that we forget, until we say it out loud to people, that we are living pretty super cool lives.

Both times we’ve gone in prepared to give students a glimpse of the daily grind that goes into making a living in a creative career, and both times, I’ve been so surprised by the reactions of the students, which are, overwhelmingly, variations on how we inspired them to follow their dreams. Oh. Okay.

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Living by our own cycles, on our own paths

It’s 2014! Yes, I just noticed. My new year cycle is slightly different than most. As my birthday is just eight days into January, the week between December 31 and January 9 feels like bleary, suspended time. Days go by, yes. Work gets done if it must. But not until the final day of the holiday season trifecta of Christmas-New Year’s Eve-birthday do I feel mentally “in” the new year. I used to feel guilty about this, but I don’t anymore. It’s my cycle. It’s how I work. It really doesn’t matter that the world moves forward in time without me for one week.

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