SorryNotSorry: On motherhood, marriage and not being a new person.

The other morning, I posted the following status update on Facebook: “I was sincerely committed to not letting parenthood change me, but now that I see ‘buy photo paper’ on my to-do list, resistance just seems futile.” I know. Funny, right? I live to amuse myself.

Soon after, a friend very sweetly and genuinely commented about the joy he felt in the way his son has changed everything about the way he thinks and feels. My immediate reaction was to jokingly reply, “Yeah, but I was already awesome before having a kid.” I didn’t, partly because I didn’t want to imply that he wasn’t (he was!), but mostly because of another reason the joke might not land: It’s a little too close to how I really feel about myself.

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I Branded Me

On a weekly basis I both write press releases and receive them for consideration. It’s an odd thing, to be determining what news gets published on one hand and to be vying for coverage on the other. Obviously, I don’t write for any publications that would cover the stories I write releases on, but on […]

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