Leash training, freelancing and the art of improvisation

At 10am today, I was congratulating myself for being so on top of things on a Monday morning. Just two hours in, I had one task nearly done, and the rest so carefully planned that I was already reveling in my success. Wee! I’m the best at this!

It’s now 1pm, and, like many Mondays, nothing has gone according to my brilliant plans and I’m failing at everything. Don’t feel too sad for me. This happens all the time, and I (nearly) always pull it all off anyway. That’s what freelancing is: working without a net. Building a parachute on the way down.

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At least there’s this.

I have one more story to write. It’s 10:47pm. So…probably not going to finish it. I haven’t unpacked since I got home from being gone yesterday. House needs vacuuming. Never made it to the gym today. Lois got a very sad, short walk. I got a lot done in the last 14 hours, but not everything I wanted. Sorry, world.

But “write blog post” is on my to do list. And I’m doing it. Done.

Sometimes you just need to check off one more thing.

And post a Lois picture. She’s ready to pack it in too.

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