Real Connections, Better Connections

Don’t you hate talking about networking? Oh my gosh, tell me an event is about networking, either overtly or indirectly, and I just don’t wanna. Don’t. Wanna. I get the importance of schmoozing and meeting people and building a network; we all need to make a living, and we all need to buy things from one another. I also genuinely enjoy being social and meeting people. But the idea of waltzing into an event where I am meant to sell myself to people and be sold on others is so unappealing. Ugh.

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Humans are my favorite

It’s really easy to get discouraged with humans. Whether you’ve recently been more disenchanted by Miley Cyrus, Syria or the baffling balance of press coverage the two stories received, I think we all can agree that it’s been a rough week for humanity.

What makes it worse, I believe, is that we encounter so many of these stories – and then communicate with each other about them – from behind our computer screens. Alone. And it makes us feel worse. Humans, like our wiser companions (dogs), are pack animals. We like to commune, and especially when we feel drug down or disappointed, we need to.

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