An Economic Argument for Social Change

Here in Michigan, with the exception of a handful of cities, you can be evicted from your home for being gay. You may also be fired for the same reason. I find that unacceptable. It’s actually unacceptable for everyone else in the state too, no matter what their political or personal beliefs are, because it’s turning the same people away from living here that we are investing so much time in money to attract.

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Imagining a Michigan Epilogue

I just finished John Irving’s most recent book, In One Person, which was not at all about Michigan, but (unsurprisingly) got me thinking about Michigan all the same. One line in particular did, anyway:

“Perhaps you need to have your world change, your entire world, to understand why anyone would write an epilogue.”

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It’s the Blue Economy, Stupid: A pleasant peninsula looks about itself

A press release came to my inbox a few weeks ago announcing the creation of the Michigan Economic Center at East Lansing’s Prima Civitas with a title that read, “Center plans to build support for investments in distinctive state assets for the coming ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ economies.”

To which my response was, “Blue economy? Blue economy? That’s genius! A blue economy! We’re Michigan! We should have one of those! Do we have one of those? Can we get one?”

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