Ok, chaos. Fine.

There is a certain degree of chaos that I deal on a daily basis. If you’ve met our dog Lois, you know what I mean. But there’s also chaos involved with any type of freelancing, which varies from day to day, but is always around to some degree. Sure, being a freelancer frees you from the overbearing boss and demands for your presence that aren’t necessary, but those annoyances are replaced by others. And generally, chaos is the theme of most of them.

One day recently, I was yelling at Lois for licking the dishes in the dishwasher (which she always does, despite always being yelled at for it), and I thought, “Why isn’t Lois allowed to lick the dishes?”

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At least there’s this.

I have one more story to write. It’s 10:47pm. So…probably not going to finish it. I haven’t unpacked since I got home from being gone yesterday. House needs vacuuming. Never made it to the gym today. Lois got a very sad, short walk. I got a lot done in the last 14 hours, but not everything I wanted. Sorry, world.

But “write blog post” is on my to do list. And I’m doing it. Done.

Sometimes you just need to check off one more thing.

And post a Lois picture. She’s ready to pack it in too.

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