Getting Places with Going Places: Michigan’s transportation quandary

Is anyone not talking about regional transportation in Michigan right now? It’s not just the transportation people talking about it anymore either. Just last week, I was doing an interview on an energy efficiency program for homes – houses – and the challenges of regional transportation came up. And while the buzz might just be reaching a tipping point locally, the amazing thing is that the conversation has been going on a national scale for some time.

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Regional Thinking: Community Polygamy

Cities and economic developers in Michigan have been talking about regionalism for awhile now – for very good reason. Physical distance is becoming as meaningless locally as it is globally. We’re getting better at sharing services and infrastructure, but I wonder if it isn’t time to starting applying regional thinking to something a little less tangible, but far more visible: our sense of community.

I have lived in six Michigan cities and worked in ten.

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