The Art of Discovery: Thank you, ricotta cheese, for all of these great ideas

Thanks to ricotta cheese, my life is now richer. No wait, it’s really thanks to Modern Family. Or my friend Sherrie. But actually, it’s because discovering new things creates a domino effect of ideas and inspiration that impacts every corner of our lives.

I’m sure there was some inciting incident that caused me to recently start watching the TV show Modern Family. There must have been, as I like to keep the number of television shows I watch to a minimum, lest I get sucked in and forget to make time for things like reading and making a living. But somehow I accidentally started watching it, and as the rest of the world already knows, it’s hilarious. In addition to making me giggle (a lot), the show also features fairly regular family meals, during which the entire cast gets together to eat homemade foods…

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