In which a professional writer asks, “I actually have to write during working hours? Whaaaaa?”

Writing between the hours of 9 and 5 is really difficult for me. And it’s taken me six years as a professional, full-time writer to recognize that it’s sort of a problem.

How it has always worked before is that I spent the almighty Designated Working Hours doing all of the writing tasks that are not writing: emailing, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, editing, researching, invoicing, etc., etc. Actual writing was reserved for the couch, after hours or on the weekends. So that’s what I did.

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Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 1

Last week I challenged myself to spend more time on personal writing projects by committing to spend even more time writing about the projects. Kind of a writing begets writing theory. So…one week in, and…it’s going great! Yea for me! All it took was not having any out-of-town meetings or social engagements, pushing off volunteer […]

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Ready, Set, Write

A few weeks ago I accidentally wrote a blog post about how awesome my life is. What I meant to write about was writing, that is, the difficulty of making the time to work on my own writing being virtually the same now that I am a writer as it was when I had another […]

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