For the past few weeks, my husband has been blogging every day. Seriously, like, every single day. When he said he was going to do this my first thought was, “how could anyone think of enough things worth saying to keep that up?” Yes, I, a writer, should absolutely be embarrassed to have had such a thought, but as someone who has blogged (albeit, far less frequently) for a number of years, daily blogging sounded like an impossible task.

I guess Mike gets a little blogging inspiration from someone he sees every day too.
I guess Mike gets a little blogging inspiration from someone he sees every day too.

So Mike started blogging. And every day, he came up with another amazing, enlightening, insightful, incredible blog. It has been blowing my mind. It’s not that I’m surprised that my husband has amazing, enlightening, insightful, incredible things in his head. I knew that. It’s why I married him. But we are together all of the time. Aaaaaaall the time. Because we both work from home, we sometimes go days without going beyond shouting distance from one another. And since we’re both chatty chattertons, our lives are basically one endless stream of consciousness that includes every thought that enters our brains.

Or so I thought. I thought I knew all of the amazing, enlightening, insightful, incredible things Mike thinks, and yet not only has he managed to blog every single day, he’s writing about things that somehow surprise and inspire me. Me, the one sitting close enough to touch him right now. 

So I’m going to start blogging daily, too. Not only because I’ve been inspired by my husband’s savvy idea, but also because his execution of it has made me realize how it’s even possible: because there’s inspiration everywhere. Even, nay, especially in the people and things we see every day.

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