There is a lot to be excited about this weekend. First, Daylight Savings Times ends, meaning the Annual Best Night of Sleep Ever celebration is upon us. Plan your leisurely Sunday brunches accordingly. Also, for childless adults such as myself who spend the second half of October pretending Halloween is something we’re going to do, the stress of that farce is officially over. As if those two things aren’t exciting enough, this weekend kicks off a very exciting, month-long, Swedish Lessons-related event.

What is it?!

I’m not telling yet! That would ruin the fun! Just prepare yourself. This will a) revive my previously muted torrent of Swedish Lessons chatter (sorry!) and b) give you – and you, and you, and YOU! – a whole new reason to be excited about my recently published book. As if you weren’t excited enough already about it, here I am to fan your flames.

So, yay, excitement! And also, sorry in advance if I come off a bit like Karl for the next month. “I’d like to talk to you – both – about a good opportunity for you, and your loved ones. We all have dreams…”

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