When you want people to click on links you make a meaningless list of items that are vaguely funny, right? Right. OK, so here is my Buzzfeed-esque reminder that it’s Swedish Lessons Bok Klubb Month, y’all! You know you want to do it.

    • It’s time your bok klubb wine was spiced, warm and had crushed almonds raisins in the bottom.
    • bok-klubb-final1It’s much less effort and stress than going to IKEA to get your Swedish culture fix.
    • Your bok klubb keeps forgetting to actually talk about the book you read, and having an author there might keep you on task.
    • That one member of your bok klubb who always overdoes it with book-themed foods and decor will be impressed with/jealous of someone else’s hosting for once.
    • You can quit pretending you know how to pronounce all of those Swedish words after hearing the author say them out loud. (No guarantee she’s saying them correctly either, BTW.)
    • I don’t know, I’m pretty fun. I think you’d like having me over.

Learn all about how you can transform your regular ‘ol book club into a Swedish Lessons Bok Klubb any month of 2014 you want here.

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