If you live in Michigan or anywhere Michigan-like, you know the weather has just given up. We had the polar vortex and then five winters worth of snow and warming and then snowing and then raining, and more snowing, and now the world is covered with something that isn’t really snow or ice, but more like a white Slurpee with disgusting gray spots around the edges. Oh, and it comes in urine flavor too, which is in great supply in my backyard.

The climate is having a bit of an identity crisis, and it’s becoming a bit of a thing. Nobody has any idea what to do anymore. Should we be wearing winter boots or galoshes? Should they cancel school/the event/work/life, or do we just have to start sucking it up at some point? Does our mailman accept sympathy gifts or should we leave the poor guy alone?

Lois is unmoved by the slush, but she is enjoying the sunshine.
Lois is unmoved by the slush, but she is enjoying the sunshine.

It’s all very confusing, and today, as I’m sitting down to try and write a blog for the first time in more than (oh my gosh) three weeks, I’m all, “I get it, weather. ME TOO.” I haven’t written in a while because of a cluster of family/health/general life things that sort of knocked me out of normalcy, and now that I’m trying to get back into it, normalcy seems disorienting. What do I write about on this thing? Just my thoughts? Which thoughts? Why? Who’s idea was it to blog every day, anyway?

I honestly don’t know the answers to any of those questions (except that last one; it was my husband’s idea), but I just decided to write anyway. Because my neighbor’s trees are doing the macarena, it sounds like a hurricane is happening, there’s two feet of Slurpee on the ground, but the sun is shining like it’s nobody’s business. For real. I just stuck my face outside for some much-needed vitamin D. So if the sun can seriously manage to shine right now, I can manage to fart out blog post. Despite the weather’s current identity crisis, we do know the sun in going to win. It might take a few weeks (sigh…or months), and the sun might not be winning every hour of every day, but it will keep at it, and it always wins out in the end. Normalcy will resume. Spring always comes.

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