Swedish Lessons is now available!

Swedish Lessons is now available at:

Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love and indentured servitude. Sort of. is a book about the time I spent as an undocumented domestic servant in Sweden. For real. To boot, I was living with and working for the aspiring leader of a religious sect on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. So that all happened to me, and I wrote a book about it.

Swedish Lessons was made possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign (woo-hoo!), and the support and encouragement so many wonderful people.

Stay tuned for updates on my blog, and enjoy the preview videos and other goodies below!

Swedish Lessons has been featured on Michigan Radio and Fearless Radio, and won an honorable mention from the Writer’s Digest 1st Annual eBook Awards. Click on the images below to hear the full interviews and more about the WD award.


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Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love & indentured servitude. Sort of.

Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love & indentured servitude. Sort of.
Questions about the book, signed copies, events or author interviews? Super!
Contact: natalieburg@gmail.com

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The publication of Swedish Lessons was only possible because of the generosity of 188 of the greatest people on the planet who backed this project on Kickstarter. A special thanks goes out to these incredible supporters:

Pat & Jim Shotwell
Brianna Burg Thrash
Timothy Burg
Nancy Skillman
Charlie Gragg
Sherrie Brindley
Pamela Skillman
Linda Vader
Andrea Lawson
Charissa Fields
Julie E. Panson
Judy Quarters
Nancy & Tom Huck
Carol Okumura

9 thoughts on “Swedish Lessons: A memoir

  1. This sounds funny. As a fellow Swedish-American (I’m really just an American with undiluted Swedish bloodlines) I will have to order a copy. But if I may say so, give pickled herring a chance….. you may find yourself acquiring a taste for it. 🙂

    1. I’ll think about it. Maybe. If I’m ever in an apocalyptic situation and find myself trapped in IKEA, desperately trying to survive.

  2. Just put this book on my wishlist for my birthday next month! Really looking forward to reading it–so happy I stumbled across your blog this morning!

      1. I got the book! I’m less than a hundred pages in, but I had to go ahead and write and say how much I love it. Your writing is superb: humorous and engaging but still with emotional depth. And I love the Swedish words used throughout. I love that I, the reader, get to participate in your “Swedish lessons.” I’ve visited Sweden once, and I learned a bit of Swedish in preparation for that trip, so it’s great to have such a fun way to review my vocabulary! But, even if I had no clue about Swedish, I would enjoy being introduced to it this way. You’ve really crafted a wonderful book here. And I’m going to get back to reading!

  3. My mother just sent me your book! I’m looking forward to reading something written by my former baby sitter’s daughter!

    1. Ah, finally finished Swedish Lessons! The more I read, the more I couldn’t wait to flip to the following page to find out about your next experience. I laughed most at the line describing snaps as tasting like the space between the first and second toes! LOL PS Ask your mom, grandmom or aunts if they remember me. I have very fond memories of all of them. 🙂

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