It’s Book Release Week!

You guys. It’s book release week.

This Thursday, Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love and indentured servitude. Sort of. will be released upon the world. Though only six and a half months have passed since we launched the Kickstarter campaign for the book, it’s seemed like about 16 months on this end.

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Book Day!

I started today with a pretty typical to-do list. I had story research to do, an interview, some bookkeeping and a story to write. And, of course, I had to keep up with my daily blogging. Just as I was about to transition from bookkeeping to story research, I thought, “Hey, I should check the tracking number on my books to make sure they’re on track to arrive on Friday.”

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Kickstarter: If promoting sexual assault isn’t the line, there is no line

Until yesterday, I had nothing but positive things to say about Kickstarter. I spent a month luring all my friends, family and acquaintances there to support my book. I happily watched the company take 5% of their donations, because – hello – I don’t know how the internet works well enough to capture that other 95% anyway. But despite how deeply indebted to Kickstarter I felt two days ago, I am now ashamed to be associated with them in any way. I feel disgusting to have used and promoted their services.

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