You guys. It’s book release week.

This. Is. Exciting.
This. Is. Exciting.

This Thursday, Swedish Lessons: A memoir of sects, love and indentured servitude. Sort of. will be released upon the world. Though only six and a half months have passed since we launched the Kickstarter campaign for the book, it’s seemed like about 16 months on this end.

Isn’t that always how it goes? From the inside, our projects drag out, life gets dullish from day-to-day, and we tend to lose track of how quickly our lives and careers are moving forward. We don’t give ourselves credit for progress made or lessons learned. But every once in a while, it’s important to stop and say, “Look what I’ve done.”

So, if you’ll bear with me, that’s what I’ll be doing this week. I’ll be taking pause to ramp up for Thursday’s book release, reflecting on how we got here and what’s been learned along the way. And I would be remiss by starting in any way other than saying, “Thank you.”

Thanks to everyone who made Swedish Lessons happen. You are all super. Let’s get ready to launch a book.

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