Saying “I’m done.”

I was interviewing someone for a story today who is running a local online publication in a relatively small town. His “new economy” job in a very traditional community was the angle, so I was asking him about the benefits of working from home and setting his own schedule. Of course, I could have answered this questions myself, but we weren’t interviewing me about my new economy job.

“The best thing is,” he said, “is that while sometimes I put in long days, sometimes I put in short ones. I mean seriously, if I’m still working after 1:30 on Friday, something has gone wrong.

“It’s so great to just close my computer and say, ‘I’m done.'”

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Well…define “progress”

The Non-Writing Part of Writing Writing publicly that you will stick to something is an excellent way to exercise your making-excuses muscles. Here it is, check-in day, and I have to report my progress on my wedding blog and my book. I was just settling in to think of the least incriminating way to explain […]

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Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 1

Last week I challenged myself to spend more time on personal writing projects by committing to spend even more time writing about the projects. Kind of a writing begets writing theory. So…one week in, and…it’s going great! Yea for me! All it took was not having any out-of-town meetings or social engagements, pushing off volunteer […]

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