The Non-Writing Part of Writing

Writing publicly that you will stick to something is an excellent way to exercise your making-excuses muscles. Here it is, check-in day, and I have to report my progress on my wedding blog and my book. I was just settling in to think of the least incriminating way to explain how two small blog posts are the entirety of my writing accomplishments this week, but then I thought,

“Then what did I do with all of that time I thought I was working on both projects?”

Because the truth is that I did spend a significant amount of time on them; I just wasn’t writing. It turns out that the act of writing isn’t all there is to writing. For example:

I did not write one word in my Sweden book. Not a word. What I did do, however, was find an editor. See, last week I happened to have an incidental exchange on Facebook with an editor acquaintance and all around delightful person who mentioned in passing (certainly not expecting to recruited for anything) that she missed editing my writing. Well! Had I not made the progress I had on the book earlier that week, which led to the realization that I was ready to send a portion of it to an editor, this would have been a nice compliment and nothing more. As it turned out, I followed up with a, “You don’t say…” and a few messages later she agreed to look at it for me.

Ta-dah! Progress! Now, this certainly didn’t take a huge amount of time. And it wasn’t planned. And I still should have worked on chapter nine through forever after handing off the first eight. But. I’ve been working on this book for three years. So handing a portion off to an editor was a big step.

I did write a couple of blog posts for My Mitten in Yours too. But the big progress there is that I put several hours into the settings, widgets and management of the blog. Plus, my designer-of-all-things-I-do sent me absolutely delightful designs for the banner and look of the site. While it’s still in pre-publish mode and the designs are undergoing some tweaks, the site itself made major progress this week.

And I landed a really huge interview with a really important person for Capital Gains. And I went to see the Tiger’s on Opening Day. And I wrote a ridiculous amount of copy for the new ShopCanton guide.

I just added those things to remind myself that the reason these goals are difficult is because I do a lot of things with myself. Not that that’s an excuse.

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