The Kickstarter campaign for my book, Swedish Lessons, has been going great so far! We’re 41% of the way to our goal, with 22 days to go. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the amazing support everyone has already given the project. Woo-hoo! We’re getting there!

Over the last week we’ve made a few updates. One is a video excerpt of me reading the book, which you can see here. The lastest one, however, is really fun. One of the rewards for backers is a set of flashcards called, “Swedish Food Lessons.” Each one has a photograph of a Swedish food item and its Swedish name, and on the reverse, my editorialized version of the definition.

These were actually the product of the book cover development. When Alisa Bobzien of flahscards3Sibling Design and I got together to do the photo shoot for the cover art, we were originally planning to involve a variety of Swedish foods. I brought bags of it over, and before we even started shooting, we browsed through some stock photos of flatfish and instantly knew we’d found the right cover photo. So then we had all of these Swedish groceries, and we had to do something with them. Thus, flashcards.

There’s lots of fun still to come. For instance, my husband and I are planning to do a few ridiculous videos of us performing Swedish pop songs. It turns out doing a Kickstarter campaign is a great excuse to live out all sorts of lifelong dreams. Publish a book…cover Roxette on the Internet…who knows what’s next?!

Thanks to everyone who has supported so far! If you haven’t seen the campaign, you can see it here.

And here’s the video!

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