What day is it? What month? After the 30 days of the intense Kickstarter campaign, time seems to have changed speeds. Whereas every day in February felt like a lengthy and dramatic event in and of itself, I’m finally back to moving through time at a normal clip, and even stopping to do things like cook dinner and go to the dog park.

That doesn’t mean progress has slowed, however. Since the end of the campaign, I’ve received Swedish Lessons back from my first-round editor, made a bunch of updates, and shipped it off the final editor. While I’m in a bit of a standstill at the moment waiting for that, I have something arguably more exciting to reveal than the repositioning of some semicolons: the bookmark designs are in!

Now, most people probably thought I was kidding when I said these bookmarks were going to be something worth SwedishLessons_Bookmarks_Back_lowresbacking the book for, but I would never joke about such a thing. As you can see, these bookmarks are awesome. Unsurprisingly, their awesomeness comes directly from the talents of Alisa Bobzien, proving once again that having a genius for a best friend is super handy.

The bookmarks and flashcards will soon be ordered, so the first of the Kickstarter rewards are nearly on the way!

Lest you think I’ve been bumbling around the house with nothing to do, rest assured I’ve been plenty busy. Just yesterday I was on WDET radio in Detroit, talking about a project I actually did for my real job, and I’m super excited to be starting a new column for a super cool Michigan publication very soon. So many fun things! Don’t worry, I still have plenty of boring things happening too, I just won’t make you suffer through hearing about them.

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