On Monday, with six days to go before our Kickstarter deadline of Sunday night, Swedish   Lessons hit our goal of $7,000. Woo-hoo! This is no small deal. A key element of Kickstarter is that it’s all or nothing. If we’d raised $6,500, we would have gotten zero, and there would be no book. And I would be very sad.

Instead, we’re now at 105% of our goal and counting. While I’ve managed to calm myself down a bit since the goal was first reached, here is the little thank you video I made right after it happened:

The last 26 days have been, without exaggeration, among the best in my life. Our wedding day is definitely number one, but the next 30 slots of Favorite Day Ever are populated entirely with dates from February 2013. Thanks to everyone for your support and your excitement about the book.

And we still have four days to go! This is the last chance for people to pre-order Swedish Lessons before the book officially launches later this year. You can still get dibs on your copy by backing the Kickstarter campaign here!

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