Adages about not putting things off until tomorrow are as numerous as they are universal. It seems to be part of the human condition to come up with reasons to not do things at the present moment. Because we all live busy lives, there is often a reason that we’re just too over-booked/sleep-deprived/frazzled to do what we need to do today.

Though everyone is like this, I’d like to argue that the cycle is particularly tough to break when you’re self-employed. Without the structures in place that ensure things must get done, or one must appear in the office at a stated time or that actually encourage one to leave the office at a certain time, personal deadlines and goals can be put off indefinitely.

It is always easier to do this every today.
It is always easier to do this every today.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been failing at maintaining regular exercise for weeks. No. Months. Well…it’s been a bad year on that front. And when your job is to sit in front of a computer and think, this is a deeply detrimental cycle. This is how people wind up dying of lazy. And yet, today is never the day I’m working out; it’s always the day I’m moving my workout plan to another day because busy/interview time change/sleepy/special occasion/wrote too long/must buy groceries. Today is always that day.

Whether it’s working out or spending time with family or working on one’s website or any other thing that doesn’t have a deadline but is super important, it simply must happen today. Because it’s always today.

If you need me for the next hour, I will be exercising.

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