I was pretty impressed with myself upon learning my marriage resulted in me becoming a distant relative of Pat Sajak. I mean, it’s not that my husband knows Cousin Patty, but he did once hear his voice on his great aunt’s answering machine.

What I should have been more impressed with, however*, was the fact that I married into the family of David Plawecki. Though I can’t say I knew him well, only meeting him at my wedding, my life was deeply influenced by his more than I knew before his passing this week – and so was yours. If you’ve ever attended a public meeting, needed access to a public document or have been an employee of any kind in Michigan, your rights were ensured by legislation this man authored. If you notice flags flying at half-staff today and tomorrow, it’s because of him.

It was clear from attending his funeral today, however, that he didn’t want to be remembered as a list of accomplishments. Though the list is long, and worth remembering, David had enough time before his death to make a specific request of all his friends and family: Do good in this world. Help others.

It’s heartbreaking that David passed away while so young. It’s hard to imagine though, that he could have packed any more good into one lifetime. His passing doesn’t just remind us to do good with the time that we have, however long it may be, it essentially commands it. We must do good. It’s what makes our lives worth living, and as was proved today, worth remembering. And there’s no time to waste.

*No offense, Pat.

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