Sometimes I have a bit of an enthusiasm problem. I hear about a thing, I get excited about it, and I just sort of decide I’m a person who participates in it. I absorb it into my identity without actually executing the thing. There are just too many super cool things in the world and not enough time or energy for implementation. Maybe by listing some of them publicly I will pressure myself to do some of them. Or, at the very least, relieve myself of the guilt of pretending I do them, because look, I said it here once that I don’t.

These are the awesomest things I don’t do:

    • Bike Sharing How amazing and cool is this concept? The bike I own but never use would probably be the first to call me out on this one.
    • Refilling Containers at Bulk Stores I wrote a story about this recently and was like, OH MY GOSH, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER. Meanwhile, I haven’t run out of shampoo yet and I’ve made one single strip to the bulk food store. Two months ago.
    • So many awesome things to do in the world. So many other pressing matters.
      So many awesome things to do in the world. So many other pressing matters.

      Zip Car Both my husband and my car are getting up there, and I keep fantasizing that Zip Car, which does exist in Ann Arbor, is a possible alternative to replacing one of them. I mean, I work from home, right? We’ll never do it. We should, but we won’t.

    • Baking Bread The worst things about this are a) I have a bread maker, b) I used to use it all the time, c) it takes 10 minutes.
    • Day Trips Two years ago I announced to my husband that we would be spending at least one weekend a month in Detroit. Guess how many times we’ve gone? Counting the Justin Timberlake concert? Twice. So, once.
    • Riding the Bus If I could change one thing about myself it would be to become the kind of person who ride the bus. I want to, so much. There’s a stop a block from our house. And I don’t.
    • Local Events There are so many cool local events here in Ann Arbor. And I used to be a person who put on local events. Instead, I watch SVU reruns in my sweatpants.

I might start doing these things. Here’s hoping, right? Anything awesome you never do? It’s okay. You can confess.

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